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Photos from Glenwood Meet

Photos from Hawkeye 10 Meet (Ms. Stephens)

Photos from State Qualifying (Makenzie) (Maya)


2022 Results Boys

Glenwood: 2nd
Ames: 12th
Valley: 5th
Creighton Prep:5th 
Harlan: 2nd
Shenandoah: 2nd
Fort Dodge: 16th
Hawkeye 10: 2nd
Regional Meet: 2nd
STATE: 13th

2022 Results Girls

Glenwood: 5th
Ames: 11th
Valley: 5th
Creighton Prep: 8th
Harlan: 9th
Shenandoah: 4th
Fort Dodge : 24th
Hawkeye 10: 6th
Regional Meet: 6th

Cross Country (Coached by Taylor May)

Runner Profiles
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