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Launching LCTitanVision (LCTV)

There is a new place for student content and news at Lewis Central. The website will be run by the Lewis Central Media Production class to produce news, sports, and other coverage of events at Lewis Central. The website will be a hybrid between student newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news

LCMP is the class traditionally associated with the Wire, but more will be offered with the upcoming school year as the program adapts to the changing media opportunities for students. With different media being utilized, the content will be produced under the brand Lewis Central Titan Vision, or LCTV. The website was recently launched, and limited content will be produced over the summer, with the class adding the full range of content when school is back in session.

The news sections will include regular updates on stories and student news to keep the community updated and informed on information around the school

The sports section will provide information beyond the scoreboard. With player profiles, pictures, and updates to help show the success by students and the teams.

The activities page will provide material beyond what is easily seen. Looking at both activities and clubs, taking a look at what students are up to.

Student features will focus on the students and student interests with more in depth articles and coverage.

LCTV will also be assisting with the new video scoreboard in the gym.

Follow LCTV

Twitter @lctitanvision

Instagram @lctitanvision

Facebook Page Lewis Central Titan Vision

Questions can be emailed to Mr. Alan Strait at or

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